Judge procedure and guide

Attached is Sections 2 – 5 that was presented on Saturday to use in addition to the Training Manual to complete the GHSA Assessment.

  • Here is the link to the GHSA Assessment to share with all officials: https://forms.gle/VkPgP818nNGozbYd7
  • Use Google Chrome to take the assessment. If any other browser is used, the results may be skewed.
  • Deadline to complete is Sunday, August 22nd at 6:00 pm at which time the GHSA assessment will no longer be available. No exceptions!
  • This is not the NFHS assessment, it is the GHSA assessment. The NFHS one will be released later per the training on Saturday.
  • This has been tested by 10 different wonderful officials across the state with zero issues.

Switch Up

Single Base Lib

Round Off Inversion to Extended Position

Quick Toss

Low to High

Full Up

Full Up Single Leg

Standing Tuck

Two to Full

Cartwheel Full

Cartwheel Tuck